Rooted in a deep love for community and authenticity, Ash is passionate about bringing the true essence of brands to life that align with their desired audience. 

Your brand is more than just a product or service, it is an entire lifestyle comprised of a cohesive visual identity, clear messaging, and a deep-rooted understanding of how you serve your audience. 

Ash has built this studio to be a constant pillar of creative support and strategic analysis for brands to go from misaligned to inspired, from ideation to fruition, and from following trends to starting them. 

Whether you are wanting to pick her creative brain, get her insight on how to showcase your brand on socials or want her to discover your lifestyle — there are a variety of ways to work with Ash, just a click away! 

You can call me Ash, the founder of Asher St. Studio. I’m a micromanager with a wide-lens – forever balancing the bigger picture and all the little details.

Creative Director + Strategist

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loves lounging on the beach.

loves simplicity.

loves reading a good book.

loves linen everything.

loves card games.

loves vintage shopping.

Creative Director + Strategist
Libra + Double Sagittarius
Captivating, Innovative, Communicator


Social Media Manager
Aquarius + Sagittarius + Taurus
Strategic, Charming, Calming


Brand + Graphic Designer
Gemini + Double Virgo
Creative, Energized, Experimental


the team

Meet the visionaries behind our brand

Brand + Web Designer
Aries, Libra, Scorpio
Expansive, Thoughtful, Poetic


"The balance of decisiveness in her creative direction while also giving me the space to have control. I needed someone's direct opinion but also wanted to feel like I was making the decision for myself. Ashten walked this line beautifully."

lexi | collective 22

60 minutes of dedicated, personalized conversation focused on your brand and social media objectives, culminating in a curated content bank designed to reinvigorate digital marketing with effortless content creation.

Delving into the heart of your brand, exploring your visual identity, target audience alignment, messaging effectiveness, website user experience, and social media coherence. Our aim is to gently guide you towards brand cohesion and elevating audience engagement. Together, we'll uncover opportunities for growth and weave a more seamless brand experience.

Creating a multi-sensory experience that visually reflects your brand's narrative, artfully curating a distinct identity, and offering precise guidelines to authentically express your brand's uniqueness.

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