After working intimately within Brand Designer’s businesses as their Operations Manager and Creative Assistant, I studied the fundamentals of brand building and discovered that there was a missing link between branding and businesses - the ability to manage it all once the project is completed.

In business, so much of ourselves is integrated in the very fabric of our brand, whether you are a personal, service, or a product-based brand, it’s easy to get lost in evolving trends and lose touch with your brand guidelines. Like trying to maintain your personal style, maintaining your brand image across a multitude of platforms requires a deep understanding of who your brand is and what it is you’re here to do.

Now as a brand management agency, our goal is to always bring a human-centered and purposeful approach to marketing and social media, not only to make it effective, but to also craft experiences that attract loyal consumers who genuinely enjoy being a part of your brand. 

You can call me Ash, the founder of Asher St. Studio. I’m a micromanager with a wide-lens – forever balancing the bigger picture and all the little details.

Brand Manager + creative director

st. studio




loves reality dating shows.

loves various forms of pasta.

loves learning new languages.

loves gold jewelry.

loves game of thrones.

loves vintage shopping.

creative director + brand manager
libra + double sagittarius
captivating, informative, communicator


social media manager + content creator
aquarius + sagittarius + taurus rising
sightseer, charming, influential


Graphic designer
gemini + double virgo
energized, objective, creative


the team

Meet the powerhouses behind our brand.

"The balance of decisiveness in her creative direction while also giving me the space to have control. I needed someone's direct opinion but also wanted to feel like I was making the decision for myself. Ashten walked this line beautifully."

lexi | collective 22




Brand therapy to take the trauma out of content creation. Providing creative direction, content ideas, and stock images to maintain your brand throughout your social media profiles.

Management of 2 social media accounts to take the “I hate this sh*t” out of social media and marketing. Account auditing, content strategy, content planning, graphic design, insight tracking, and community building.

Full management of all brand assets to maintain aesthetics, drive sales, and create a cult following. From 3+ social media profiles to email marketing to website auditing to product management, we’ve got you covered.

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