A team of pop-culture obsessed, detail-oriented “Do-it-Alls”, we are your multitasking, multi-platform loving brand management agency. Through thoughtful strategy, creative direction, and a deep social media addiction, we shift the way brands present themselves across a multitude of platforms to maintain relevancy, connectivity, and purpose.

not your

average agency


CREATIVE DIRECTION / PHOTOSHOOT PLANNING / STOCK IMAGE SOURCING / graphic design / marketing strategy / seo research / trend hunting / ica development / email / marketing / copywriting / product label design / asset design / BRAND MANAGEMENT / PROJECT LAUNCHES / BRAND STRATEGY / PLATFORM MANAGEMENT / DESIGN SUPPORT / GRAPHIC DESIGN

Elevating brands and products to create an addictive brand presence for your devout audience

Brand therapy to take the trauma out of content creation. Providing creative direction, content ideas, and stock images to maintain your brand throughout your social media profiles.




the social

Management of 2 social media accounts to take the “I hate this sh*t” out of social media and marketing. Account auditing, content strategy, content planning, graphic design, insight tracking, and community building.



Full management of all brand assets to maintain aesthetics, drive sales, and create a cult following. From 3+ social media profiles to email marketing to website auditing to product management, we’ve got you covered.







lillian | daring minds

danielle englin body work

chloe leonard studio

wendy | heramosa aesthetics

“Ashten is the baddest bitch on the brand management block and I wouldn't trust anyone but her and her team to help me manage my marketing. Ashten has gone lengths to understand the vision I have for my brand & business. She goes above and beyond to ensure that every single piece of content is a reflection of my brand. AND (as if it couldn't get any better) her presence makes business even more fun!“

“To invest in Asher St Studio is to invest in your future ease, joy and abundance. I started working with Ashten over a year ago for help with project management, now her and her team help with social media marketing. I have seen my confidence as a business owner, my finances and overall client satisfaction grow as a result of her help. Ashten and her team have allowed my vision for my brand and business to come to life”

“Ashten has been SUCH a saving grace for my business and a breath of fresh air. She has the gift of seeing the big picture in business, where all the holes are from client experience to internal processes. She also helps me with social media content creating and design, including thinking of on-trend but original ideas to keep my instagram feed engaging, informative, and obviously aesthetically on-brand. She's been an ideal first hire to say the least. Always open for feedback, motivated to get involved and help wherever she can, and encouraging to me as I navigate running any part of my business.”

“My experience with Asher St. Studio has been beyond what my expectations were. Ash is creative, quick and thorough. I reached out for her assistance setting up a brand new business and she has been a tremendous help. I literally would be lost without her! Our relationship in work and outside of work has flourished as we are able to communicate openly and freely to achieve our goals. I receive compliments almost daily about our branding and website. I give much of the credit to Asher St. Studio!”



Let's do the damn thing.